La Bouquetiere Bath Salts

La Bouquetiere Bath Salts

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A luxurious, sweetly wrapped, gift for yourself or a loved one! Read below for the amazing benefits to these bath salts!

Different scent options:

Rose Petals: notes of rose petals, oranges, coriander, and musk

Gardenia Exquisite: notes of gardenia and orange blossom 

Emotion Celeste: notes of rose, patchouli, sandalwood, moss, Sage, spices, amber, musk, lemon, greens, & aquatics   

ingredients -

calendula oil - soothes muscles and promotes collagen development  

Mediterranean Sea salts - draw out impurities, releases muscles, and promotes healing  

vitamin E - moisturizes and heals the skin 

almond oil - powerfully hydrates the skin with natural vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium

grape seed oil- controls moisture levels and keeps skin balanced 

jojoba oil- anti-inflammatory

safflower oil- antioxidant, high in Vitamin E, natural source to boost skin health